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Georgetown is settled between Brigus and Marysvale. Most people settled here from Bull Cove, example of this would be Youden’s house currently settled in Georgetown originally came in from Bull Cove transported through “the Hills” and still stands in Georgetown today.

Spectacular Natural Hiking Trails

The Bull Cove natural walking trail is still popular with locals and our visitors. During your hike through Bull Cove you can still see where once stood houses, school, church and the graveyard. The big apple tree is a favorite by many as they stand a view the magnificent view of the ocean. If you pride yourself on being more of the adventurous hiker you can hike to neighboring Brigus to the left or to the right hike to Turk’s Gut, Marysvale.

A second favorite hiking trail in the community is the road that branches off from Route 60 and follows the path to Brigus using which the locals referred to as the “old St. John’s Road.” Here you will travel through “Grepes Nest” which once resided the Roberts and Spracklin families the road destination is the Cemetery Road in Brigus.

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Georgetown’s Local Hero Mr. James Youden

Born 1896-1998 serving his country in both WWI and WWII and was awarded three medals (1) 1914-1919 Star (2) British War Medal (3) Victory Medal, Inter-Allied War Medal. His daughter today resides in Georgetown and honors her father’s medals in a town he held so dear.

Thomas Youden was the first teacher in the Georgetown school and is identified as the forefather of beginning the community. He was praised by many for his various talents and had one priority when entering Bull Cove and that was to help others. Very little is known of Youden’s history before entering Bull Cove but the heroic account in the Napoleonic War. While serving as a navel officer for the British Navy he was captured by the French. He was sailing from Bristol, England and was captured and taken to France where he then remained in prison for seven years. During his seven years he used the spring of his pocket watch to saw through the iron bar and escaped. Upon escaping he jumped on a ship headed to Hudson Bay. There he acquired employment with the Hudson Bay Company as an interpreter as he was fluent and could speak seven languages.

The watch now is kept and displayed for all historians to view at the Newfoundland and Labrador Museum. The watch very unique has in place of numbers the letters spelling Thomas Youden. Also, historical navigation documents have noted that the captains of Brigus received their navigation from “Mr. Thomas Youden at Bull Cove.”

Georgetown Today

  • Natural hiking trails receive 100’s of visitors during summer and fall.
  • Many people from St. John’s and urban areas have summer homes in Georgetown.
  • Hope United Church which opened its doors July 26th, 1964 which was the first non Roman Catholic Church in the region.
  • Bartlett’s Store
  • Norma Hairstyling

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